Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Clapham Ghost Signs

These ghost signs were all spotted on a walk down Clapham High Street from Clapham Common Tube Station to Clapham North. Not a bad haul from such a short stretch of road!

Clapham Common South Side (opposite Clapham Common tube)
A bit of over-painting going on here but it looks basically like a 'Provident? Mutual Insurance Society'

The Pavement
Really eye-catching and still colourful after all these years...
Bromell's Road
Tucked down a side-street and proof that you should always look over your shoulder every now and then. 'Batten & Davies', I wonder what they did? Time to get Googling...
Clapham High Street
This one looks as though it has only recently been exposed - probably by the removal of a modern advertising hoarding. Nice colours.
Clapham High Street (by the railway line)
Frustratingly I can't quite make out what this one is saying. It would have been at eye level with the overhead trains though, so well worth the free advertising.


Typographer said...

Batten & Davies, Bromells Road, were printers, established 1750. The works included a 'compositors' gallery' which survived until the 1980s. (See John R. Battley, 'Clapham Guide', London, 1939 and Alyson Wilson (ed), 'The buildings of Clapham', London, 2000)

Sam Roberts (Ghostsigns) said...

I'm pretty sure it's 'Royal London Mutual Insurance Society' based on the research for the entry in the archive.