Sunday, 6 April 2008

Bits and Pieces, Odds and Ends and slivers of Tat!

I'm starting to build up a collection of photos that neither fit into a 'Guided Tour' or specific collection category. What to do with them? All I can think is to dish them up as a hodge-podge of intriguing glimpses...

Deburgh Road, Colliers Wood
I would guess that the original house on the corner was bombed during the war and a few raised beds planted on the site. What is slightly quirky is that they decided to render the old fireplace and leave it in situ which means you can stand underneath it and look up the flue! Nelson's Garden, High Path, South Wimbledon
One of a couple of small cannon on some of Lord Nelson's old estate in Merton. Not the sort of thing you'd expect to stumble across in that particular area.
Chestnut Grove, Balham
Right next to the station is this imposing pediment on top of a row of houses
Upper Tooting Road/ Balham High Road
I came across this interesting row of redundant pillars which stretches along for a few shops (the ones in the background are now painted red). I assume they must originally have held up a balcony or some sort of gallery over the shop front and it's intriguing that they have remained when what they held up has been removed.
Upper Tooting Road
The door to nowhere. Some do say that if you took a running jump at it you'll pass through to a mysterious realm of fantasy on the other side. Or possibly someones kitchen...
Off Putney Bridge Road SW15
I spotted these sphinxes up on the roofs of a row of houses. This is as close a picture I could manage but the overall effect is odd, almost as though the builder had a job lot and needed to get rid of them Everywhere there's a prominent vantage point, they stuck on a sphinx.
It's a little like being watched by a flock of small vultures.
Upper Richmond Road SW15
Right in the middle of a standard column, someone had taken the trouble to clean up a single tile. What had been boring was suddenly just that bit more interesting!
Bentall Centre, Kingston
Bentall's used to have it's own post boxes built into the walls, but these have now been sealed and fallen into disuse. Marked with GRV these date it to the reign of George V who died in 1936. The building itself was finished in 1935.
Bridge Road, East Molesey
A really attractive and unusual door handle on a local antiques shop.

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