Thursday, 12 June 2008

No Parking - Gates in Constant Use!!!

You know the scenario - it's a knackered old garage covered in cobwebs but the owner is desperate to stop you parking just in case this is the one day of the year they actually try to open the doors. So they've had a look around for a tin of paint and they've slapped a message up for everyone to see "No Parking - Gates in Constant Use"

(OK, only a few examples at the moment but I'm sure this one will be updated regularly!)

Boxley Road, SM4
Just behind a parade of shops lies this classic of the genre. Left-over white paint, poor spacing (note how the -ing on Parking has been contracted) and a little bit of dodgy spelling. Not to mention the fact that there were cars totally ignoring it and parking in front of it

Just off Clapham Common North Side
Just off the Lower Richmond Road, Putney
Beulah Road, Wimbledon
Out front were wheelie bins and piles of rubbish. Constant use? I don't think so ...
Off the New Kings Road, Fulham
I know, it's lacking a 'constant' but it is framed and the writer has obviously made an effort so I'm happy to let this one in under the wire.

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