Wednesday, 21 May 2008

More Coalholes

Like Joey getting his own spin-off from 'Friends', I think that coal holes probably deserve their own pages. Hope it's more successful than 'Joey' was though...

Coldharbour Lane, Brixton - Wilson & Co, Harrison Street, London
A bit battered and worn but it is by a producer new to me
Clapham Common South Another Hayward Brothers coal-hole, this one is a celebrated 'self-locking plate' and is interesting because it includes the fixing instructions to the outer ring!
Garratt Lane - H.C. Davis & Co. Clapham & Camberwell: Economy, Efficiency, Durability
This one confirms my suspicions regarding the similar coal hole found in Putney the other day that was badly worn. It's an interesting design with a very functional feel to it.Clapham Park Road This interesting design was tucked away in the entrance to a shop and has alternate holes and glass sections to let in a bit of light. Some of the glass has been broken, some of the holes filled in, but it's an unusual design nontheless. Sadly I can't make out the manufacturer as that section has been worn down.Garratt Lane SW19 Plain and simple. Worn well though...Hayward Brothers 197 & 199 Union Street Borough Larger than most, this coal hole is situated outside a n office building near Stockwell tube.Merton High Street SW19 These two coalholes were the only ones left in a long row of Victorian shops, presumably because at some time they had been set in concrete and it was too much effort for modern pavers to dig it up! The first one is quite plain and utilitarian...... but the second is an interesting mix of shapes and inset glass marbles (most of which have been broken and filled. Quite attractive though.

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