Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Coldharbour Lane Ghosts

Walking from Brixton to Denmark Hill takes you along Coldharbour Lane where I came across a couple of small ghost signs. Luckily I had my camera on me so here they are...

Corner of Pomfret Road
This old sign has not only been erased but it looks as though the original bricks have been replaced. A close look shows that it probably said "(Men's/Lady's) Wear at Lowest Prices"
Coldharbour Lane at Denamrk Hill
"Don't be vague, ask for Haig!" You can't miss this one at the meeting of two busy roads. A prime advertisinfg site so I would expect this one has been covered up for some time


Jane said...

I have just been looking at your fab site again to gain some inspiration for my imminent photographic trek of the streets of the Clapham and Brixton area.
My blog's coming along nicely but slowly
I've got so many pictures already that I am not posting them singly but as groups as it would be so time-consuming.
I have further sections planned for old pubs and shops and just like you, I have some great shots of old shop doorway floor mosaics taken in and around north and central London.
I met up with Sam Roberts last week... did you hear him on the Robert Elms show on Friday?

Yelfy said...

Hi Jane, I've just been having a look at your excellent pictures and have added your site as a link if that's ok with you. My younger part of London definitely cannot compete with the gems in the older and more commercial areas north of the river! I missed Sam on Robert Elms but now you've alerted me I'll try to catch it on the 'listen again' function. All the best.