Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Sad Signs and Old Adverts

The message may have faded but the sign struggles on... More delapidated adverts or instructions either out of date or ignored...

Mitcham Road, Tooting
Stuck onto ceramic tiles but long since painted over, Marvo Distemper bravely advertises a long since defunct product (Distemper was a paint made from whiting and glue and a bit of a nightmare if you need to decorate over it due to its powdery nature).
Wandsworth Road, Battersea The shop may have shut, but the electrical appliances linger on...
Baker Street Underground Station
The merest tantalising glimpse of the old signage that lies beneath! Garratt Lane, Wandsworth
Not much chance of spotting this Chemist on a dark winters night!
Old Town, Clapham Common
What is it about Chemists? This one is in slightly better condition, but has still not worked in years.Erpingham Road & Lower Richmond Road, Putney SW15.
These two signs must date back to the 70's I would imagine. Mackeson is a milk stout flavoured with lactose, the sweet element found in milk (hence the milk churn symbol) and is about as unfashionable a drink as it is possible to be at the moment. Whitbread Pale Ale is still around in bottles though.

Morden Road, Morden SM4
I think the scouts might have given up on making money by recyclingMitcham Town Centre
Home to vast herds of wild horses that continually make a nuisance of themselves on footpaths.
Roehampton High Street: Derelict health food restaurant signage on a derelict health food restaurantLower Richmond Road, Putney SW15
The neon tube may have long since given up the ghost but the shop still sells bikes. London Road, Morden SM4
Now a martial arts centre, the memory of a slightly seedier past lives on.


TIW said...

How nice that the cycle sign is still on a cycle shop. Brilliant.

Ravilious and Bawden Blog said...

Hi. Really great blog - enjoyed the bit on manhole covers and shop signs. I'm in the process of trying to track down an old London Pharmaceutical Chemist's shop, featured in an unusual book of shop fronts from the 1930s. I wondered if it might be possible to post it to see if anyone recognises where it is/was.