Monday, 21 January 2008

Coalhole covers - Putney Bridge Road

A recent stroll down Putney Bridge Road into Wandsworth had lots of interesting features on show, not least of all a large number of coalhole covers. I'm starting to get very fond of these items - I think the styles and decoration start to remind me in some strange way of Greek, Japanese or even Celtic shield bosses and it's always a bonus if you can read who the manufacturers were. As I tend not to creep into peoples front gardens here are a few that a little easier to access...

1. Hayward Brothers - Union Street, Borough, London

2. W. H. Stevens - ?3 Brixton Road SW Rusted a bit and doesn't seem to have the same look of quality about it as the rest of them do.

3. Improved Safety Plate

4. Unknown Maker or Model - Quite an attractive design though

5. Unknown Maker or Model - I was wondering how they managed to lift them to get the coal in. Presumably they had to be released from underneath as they seem to fit pretty flush

6. Unknown Maker or Model - I think some of these could look quite nice framed and up on the wall. Not everyone's cup of tea but not a bad example of industrial chic...


Anonymous said...

A treasure trove of a website.

Like the tardis - small on the outside and huge on the inside.
And once in - time goes at lightning speed.

patolver said...

Ah, someone else who loves coal hole covers! I walk from Grays Inn to Kings Cross every day and have also been taking photos - see

Max Sinclair said...

Hardy and Padmore, The Worcester Foundry produced a huge range of street furniture including coal hole plates.

Putney Electrician said...

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