Monday, 31 December 2007

Miscellaneous Wimbledon Ghosts

Well these are really scraping the barrel but they should go in for the sake of completeness. Not so much ghost signs as signs that have died and turned to dust! I think the only way I could find out what they originally said was to look through some archive photographs, but keep you eyes open for them next time you're in Wimbledon.

Hartfield Road, Wimbledon
Not the best quality picture sadly but I snapped this one whilst waiting in traffic. Although it seems to have a later 'To Let' sign painted on it, closer inspection shows it to be originally refering to Cars, Trucks and Services, amongst others. It was a tiny yard though, so presumably not a big business.

The Broadway A close look at this one (click on the image) shows that the lettering on the top has an -ish near the end and 5? Broadway between the windows.Whatever was advertised either side of the windows cost 2/-. As it is in such a prominent position I have hopes of eventually finding a photograph to show exactly what was being advertised on this one.

The Broadway This particular sign is the most obscure and difficult to photograph of all so far. As you can see it is well above the street and hidden by the roofs of lower buildings. It's just opposite the Centre Court Shopping Centre and above and to the right of the first sign. It seems to read 'Boots' but whether that's the chemist or a shoe shop I couldn't say. I'd like to get up there for a closer look though...

Behind the Broadway This was painted on the side of a small workshop and must have been the original company that owned it. All I can make out is the Co. at the end!


Dub said...

All wonderful. keep 'em coming!

Happy New Year, BTW!

OT -
I saw something the other day which may interest you - Not quite your usual thing - this was a Air Pipe (tall green pipe, sticking out of the ground) - I think it's on Westcroft Road


Yelfy said...

Happy New Year indeed! Funny you should mention the green air pipe as I've just snapped one on the Mitcham/Merton borders. I also have a picture on the blog of a particularly fine one in Wimbledon. I'll keep note of any suggestions and try to spot them if I'm ever in the area. Many thanks!

mulberry outlet said...

I'll keep note of any suggestions and try to spot them if I'm ever in the area. Many thanks!