Thursday, 24 January 2008

Ghost Signs - West Hill, Wandsworth

One good, one not so good. The good one first. As soon as I saw this one I remember seeing it from the top of a 37 bus on the way home from school. The intervening 30 years has seen it fade a little, but it's still quite striking

1. West Hill - Nestle Milk 2. The Triangle, West Hill - Unknown Sign
The second sign is more of a tantalising glimpse really. It's just off on a side road by the Triangle and I could only just about make out a word or two at the very top. Not very exciting but it does look as though something might be hidden by the modern advertising sign. A close up view of the words reads something like "Start It **** Your Friend" but I doubt you can make it out on the picture.


Anonymous said...

Just brilliant, the whole lot not just this one. Everything i've ever looked at loved on my way out and around is here. Please keep up the good work, you've inspired me to keep the camera charged and in my handbag. Wonderful

Yelfy said...

Thanks, I'm glad you find it of interest. It's really just all those little things that catch your eye now and then but a few years back you'd never think of capturing them. Good luck with the camera!