Tuesday 18 December 2007

Ghost Signs - Haydons Road & Durnsford Road

I picked these signs up in a fairly small area around Plough Lane (map here).

Haydons Road
This first one might not be a big advertisement, but it is certainly painted on and it is certainly faded! It was above a parade of shops near Effra Road

Merton Road
This is my mystery of the day. It was obviously a big sign at one time, but was probably already faded when the houses were built up against it in the '30's(?). It looks a bit like an 'O' at the top although I prefer to think of it as the bowl of a wine-glass. You can just make out an 'E' or 'F' in the bottom right corner.
Haydons Road - Queens Road junction
It was a lucky traffic diversion that put me onto the ghost sign below. It's on the junction with Queens Road but you can only see it on the approach to Haydons Road - 'Fenners Grocery & Oil Stores. All Household Requisites'
Haydons Road
Just by the railway bridge there is a small Post Office that was once presumably an Off Licence. From some angles the black paint wipes it entirely but catch the sun just right and you can see the 'Wines & Spirits' sign underneath

UPDATE: 29-01-08 Gilbert Road
I've just been sent a picture of a Liptons Tea sign that was painted on the side of a building and subsequently obscured by later'50's housing, by the look of it. Thanks to Mick Adams for the photos!

UPDATE: 7th April 2008 Merton High Street/Hotham Road
A large but fairly plain 'Benson & Hedges' sign on the side of an old sweetshop tobacconist. Painted over, but only with one coat I it seems.

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