Thursday, 24 July 2008

"Ask not for whom the bell tolls..." Sadly Faded Alarms

Not as poignant as ghost signs, intrinsically interesting as a well-designed coal hole cover or as old as some tile-work on a Victorian shop-front. Nevertheless there is still something of an air of melancholy about an alarm whose time has long-since passed. No more waking the neighbours up in the early hours, no more regular tests and servicing, no more sleepy key-holders checking them out after calls from the local police... Are the companies still trading? After all it probably wouldn't take more than ten years for a shiny new box to deteriorate to a rusting hulk.

These were all collected over the space of a single day or so...

Upper Tooting Lane, Tooting
It's close but I can't quite make this one out. Looks as though you could put a finger through it though...

Raynes Park, South London
This one is actually attached to the rear wall of an old shop and is danger of growing old gracefully.
Upper Tooting Lane, Tooting - Metroploitan Alarms
What's this? Evidence of a touch of tampering? Looks like they've pulled the old 'spray liquid foam in the cavity' routine. Works a treat every time and certainly finished this one's useful life.

Putney High Street, SW15 - Auto Call
The ladies toilets in Putney High Street have long-since been defunct and so, I would guess, is this alarm.

Upper Tooting Lane, Tooting - AIA Burglar Alarm
Not the best shot, but it was on the other side of a busy high street. I don't think it serves as much of a deterrent though.
Upper Tooting Road, Tooting
Nasty attack of flaking here - but at least there's no doubting where it came from.


Anonymous said...

These shots reminded me of a row of some old alarms which always took my notice in Clapham Junction. Real old ones like big red half tomatoes with the little bells on the side! Wonder if they're still there. Up a side street off the High St, nr what used to be the side entrance to Woolies I think.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle. I'm hoping to do a tour around Clapham Junction/Nothcote Road/Battersea Rise area at some point. I'll keep a look out!

Alarms N Stuff said...

Wow an autocall!
Haven't seen them in that kind of bell box ever.