Sunday 23 September 2007

Putney High Street and Lower Richmond Road SW15

Map of area

I had an appointment the other week by Putney Bridge so took the opportunity to stroll the length of the High Street in the hope that something would catch my eye. Well things did catch my eye - far to many in fact. Sadly for this post though a large number of the interesting architectural details have found their way into lots of other future posts on clocks, sundials, statues etc. All I'm left with here are the rump! Still, that's better than nothing so let's start half way down the High Street...

Chelverton Road Just opposite the bus garage off the high street was this innocuous doorway to the Putney & Wimbledon Synagogue. I'm not sure if it's still being used but I'm intrigued that the Wimbledon half of the sign seems to be much more faded than the Putney half!
Putney High Street - Weimar Street Recently 'brazilianified' this is still an incredibly detailed and ornate doorway with a deceptive sense of scale.

Putney High Street - This is a date plaque from one of the pubs running up to the river constructed during a boom time for grand public houses.

Putney High Street - Corner with Lower Richmond Road This is the shop front of what used to be the most inconveniently positioned auction houses imaginable! Long since closed the shop front is mostly cast iron with this attractive detailing running just below the lintel.

Lower Richmond Road - The Mansions This is a typical pillar from the entrance to one of the Mansion blocks, a very elegant set of buildings that really should be used as a set for a Hercule Poirot movie. I like these pillars as they remind me of typical Egyptian pillars form some of the desert temples.

Lower Richmond Road - This is a shot of the attractive stained-glass fan lighting above the doors and pillars. All very grand and reassuringly solid!

Lower Richmond Road - Star and Garter One of the big waterside pubs right next to Putney Pier. I don't think it's quite as grand as it used to be and certainly its crest could do with a bit of a tidy-up. Very mid-Victorian though...

Lower Richmond Road - As Putney is the home of the Oxford/Cambridge Boat race no doubt University Mansions seemed a good title for this particular building. I particularly like the Art Nouveau lettering.

Lower Richmond Road - This very attractive gate to a private club caught my eye. I've no idea if the motto is a famous one but seems pretty reasonable to me...

The Embankment This delicate plaque is on the wall just above the Embankment Bar of the Duke's head. What amazes me is how those delicate oars have survived for so long!

Lower Richmond Road - I remember the toilets under the road being open in the 70's but they've been shut for many years now. I recall them being pretty typical Victorian conveniences full of glazed tiles and Doulton toilet furniture but I wouldn't be surprised if they're in danger of being permanently flooded with the amount of rain we had this year

Putney Bridge - You have to kneel down to see this plaque that is at about knee-hight. I'm not sure what its official purpose is but it dates the bridge nicely. What does 'Structure No. 3' refer to though? Is it the third bridge or is it third on a list of notable buildings in Wandsworth?


Dub said...

Structure No.3 might refer to

Yelfy said...

You might well be right that it is on a list of listed buildings, but presumably it will also be on Wandsworth's list. Being a bridge and being on both sides of the river (hopefully) I wonder if the two borough's share the responsibility for its upkeep equitably?

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for posting those pictures.

I just searched on Google and and found the Buffet Brazil restaurant on 26 Putney High Street.

I must stop by and check out the food.

Dub said...

I was along Lower Richmond Road earlier (on a 270 bus and walking) and the cast-iron work is all stripped and cleaned - The whole building looks gorgous.
Also, there was a strange painted note I saw on the roof-line along that bit of road between Putney Bridge and the Garter

Michele Seraphim said...

Hello, I have found your post via Google search. I have just found amongst a number of papers a letter written to my Grandmother’s parents dated 1940. We are in search of information pertaining to my grandmother’s employ as I am a teddy bear artist as she was and we are looking for background information on my grandmother’s work in this field. The letter has a header that gives the address 3, Putney High Street, London S.W.15. It was a toy manufacturer under the name of The S. & L. Manufacturing CO. LTD. Being in Canada we are having a hard time locating any information on this company. After reading your post I don't suppose a place like this was seen in your journey to Putney Street? It's a long shot I know but I cannot help but ask!
Thanks for the photos in you post, it was wonderful to at least virtually stroll down the same street she must have just prior to the war.

Sea Breeze Guest House said...

Memories of Putney or I grew up in Putney Fb groups might be able to assist

Sea Breeze Guest House said...

Weimer Street photo wowser u can't see it in your photo but the bay window above the door was my front room window I lived there 1968-72 the shop was a kind of health food shop (I think lol I was only a little kid but remember getting a sugar free lolly pop YUK) .... I grew up in Putney group have lots of fab photos as well

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