Monday, 10 September 2007

Public Clocks

Here are a few of the various clocks around if, like myself, you don't wear a watch. I've concentrated on civic and commercial clocks - I might do one just on church clocks in the future - because they are either being used as advertisements or as examples of civic pride. I'll be adding to this folder over time so this is one of those posts that will grow and grow!

The Civic Centre, Morden SM4 - Children late for school, me late for a meeting or just wondering what the time is, this public clock, whilst by no means the most attractive, has certainly been the most useful in my case!

New Malden - Old Town Hall Maybe a little faded these days but still an attractive addition to the New Malden skyline

Merton Abbey Mills SM4 This is the clock tower on top of the bandstand and it looks just about the perfect time for a full-English breakfast in the cafe next door!

Wimbledon Broadway SW19 Is it me or does this one look a bit slick? Doesn't make me think Rolex, but then not much does...

Hartfield Road SW19 It's not just old firms that have public clocks. The Wimbledon Wine Cellers seem to be keeping up the tradition (even if the time was wrong!)

Wimbledon Broadway SW19 I like this clock - it seems very '30's and has a few more things to worry about on the other face!

Wimbledon Sw19 This clock sits on top of the Prince of Wales pub and is a bit of a local landmark. It's currently in the local papers as the brewery have been accused of not maintaining it but it seems they've commissioned a clock-repairer to assess how much it would cost to get it ticking again, so all is not lost...

New Malden High Street My Daughter snapped this one through the open roof of the car as we were waiting in traffic.

Wimbledon Baths SW19
Sadly you can't make out that the gold band on the top of the clock-face reads ' Victoria' & 'Jubilee' unless you're right up close. Bit of a design fault really...

Wimbledon Broadway SW19 This was the old Wimbledon Town Hall before being turned into part of a shopping centre, which is why it has such a distinguished timepiece, like an old fob watch dangling off a chain.

New Malden High Street Very similar in style to the Wimbledon Town Hall clock and again a very attractive item

Polka Children's Theatre, Wimbledon SW19 Bright, breezy and very colourful!

Putney High Street SW15 I've walked up and down Putney High Street hundreds of times but hadn't really realised how attractive this clock is until cutting out all the surrounding hoardings and shop-fronts.

Kingston Road, Wimbledon SW19. This handsome tower sits on top of the Masonic Lodge


Dub said...

Lovely shots, but I'm surprised you didn't get the sundial on the corner of Wimbledon Hill Rad & Alexandra Rd (NE Corner)

Yelfy said...

Thanks - Is that the sundial above the Argos? If it is then I did get a picture and as I spotted two sundials in Putney High Street as well I thought I might wait for a few more and have a sundial posting and put them up altogether!

Dub said...

Argos - That's the one.

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