Thursday, 27 January 2011

Signs of Brick Lane

A Sunday stroll down Brick Lane is always a pleasant way of spending an autumn morning and even more pleasant when you find a few photos on your camera a few months later. Which is very handy as I haven't had much opportunity recently for Faded London jaunts recently.

The three street signs
First up is this interesting group of street signs on the corner of .... as you can see...Sclater Street. Evolution in progress as we start of with the very ornate 19th century effort (or earlier?), the more functional and visible modern street sign and what I presume is a local translation of the street name for the benefit of the local population. Although I suppose it must be a transliteration rather than a translation as I'm not sure how you'd translate 'Sclater'.
I don't know what Page & Co were specialists in but their little factory unit is still there, tucked away in a sidestreet just off the main drag
This looks like it might have been owned by the Lewis family but although there are new owners there seems to have been a continuity in the use of the store. Still a newsagent and still selling cigarettes.
Talking of the street signs in other languages, here's a reminder of a previous influx of immigrants who also settled in the Brick Lane area. CH N. Katz was a twine and string merchant, a fairly specialised area of work I'd of thought, and it seems as thought the business only closed down a few years ago.
Middlesex ,Street EC1
And finally, just at the top of Petticoat Lane the removal of an advertising hoarding - last seen advertising the Monty Python musical Spamalot - reveals the remains of a car park sign lurking beneath. Not particularly old or exciting, but it couldn't pass it by without the courtesy of a mention, especially as it's probably been recovered by now.

Having stumbled accross these pictures I think it's about time I checked to see what other gems I have tucked away in obscure folders!


CarolineLD said...

Surprisingly, the last sign is still uncovered - I work nearby and pass it most days. Perhaps another symptom of hard financial times!

London Archaeologist and the Windowless Consultant said...

Newspapers. Fleet Street is surely ripe for a visit from Faded London.

Wellwynder said...

Lovely - I especially like the Sclater Street pic.

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Kirsten said...

Love your site ! Inspiring! Need to look around more closely again, although my kids are very good at this.

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Love it! said...

Brilliant site! There are so many hidden gems around just waiting to be revealed!

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Love your blog. Mine is quite a way behind yours. I never even thought of street furniture but it certainly sums up the idea. Like to think that it is the past poking up into the present!

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