Thursday, 19 November 2009

The Londonist Blogger Interviews

There's an interesting on-line listings and news site called The Londonist that (if I'm being honest) I wasn't aware of until they sent me an email asking whether I'd be happy to answer a few questions. Normally of course if anyone tries to ask me questions on the street I'd be trying to hide behind someone else and slip past on their blind side but as this was all done at a safe distance it seemed quite an interesting thing to do. As it turned out it was all fairly painless

It was published the other week and whilst I was having a look I noticed a whole clutch of other interviews with other bloggers who also write about London. Very interesting they were too and many of them were by individuals whose bloggs cover similar areas to Faded London. In fact a significant number of them write bloggs that I've listed as links from this site and it occurred to me that they might be of interest to others.   

So, for your ease and interest I did a quick search on their site to produce a convenient list of all the blogger interviews. Those with similar interests to Faded London include Sam Roberts talking about his ongoing project at Ghost Signs, myself trying desperately to think of something interesting to say about the idle stroll that is Faded London and Chris Partridge discussing the joy of building ornamentation on Ornamental Passions . My personal favourite for a good read is Rob's Another Nickel in the Machine , a blog that looks for inspiration to the gossip pages of the past.  Caroline's Miscellany is an lucky dip of interesting nuggets and the tapestry of images that make up Jane's London is always worth more than just a glance.

I fully expect others to appear over the coming months so it might be worth popping by now and then and seeing what's new.


MyMetropole said...

Hey Faded - excellent blog, so glad I ran across it! I've got The Londonist blogger interviews as an RSS, I love to catch up on the latest ones.

Very nice mapping of ghost signs, by the way!

Unknown said...


Just a quick comment on the "Brown Brothers" building. My Mum worked for Brown Brothers in that particular building from I would guess around 1965 until c1971, when we moved from Shepherds Bush to Cowley, Nr Uxbridge. I used to be allowed to go into the office in my school holidays and work with "the ladies" who hand-wrote and manually priced all of the orders for motor parts. Mum used to bring orders home and I would be paid for the ones I did (I really don't remember how much). It was a really homely, friendly place and I can still conjure up the very distinctive smell. They also had a trade counter in there. Lunchtime, everyone would go to the very genteel cafe next door, run by two elderly sisters, where you could have a three course lunch for 2/6d (approx 13p in todays money!). What lovely memories seeing that old building!