Thursday, 11 June 2009

Balham and a Guiness 'Ghost'

I took this picture of an unidentifiable Balham ghost sign about 18 months ago and things have changed a bit since then. In the first place what was an open site has now been built on so the bulk of this sign has been covered.
On the other hand the poster site with the Halifax advert has also been removed to show a small glimpse of what was originally on the wall.
As you can see it's a glass of Guinness but the upper half of the advert has been removed although the gantry bolts are still sticking out of the wall. Does the obliterated lettering say 'Thank Goodness'? It seems a familiar sort of slogan for Guinness anyway...
Obviously the best shot would be from one of the balcony's opposite but I suspect the tenants see it as more an eyesore than anything else. You can just make out the other sign on the right as well from this angle as well. Well it's little more than a glimpse but it does make you wonder how many signs still lurk under modern advertising boards.


Ian Freeman said...

It would probably have been 'My Goodness...My Guinness', which was one of their strap-lines.

Sam Dutton said...

Great posts! Keep up the good work.

Mark Ryder said...

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