Monday, 18 May 2009

Ghost Sign - Northcote Road

I found this old bakers sign when I took time out for a quick stroll down the Northcote Road near Clapham Junction. A.H. Dunn - High Class Baker & Confectioner - Maker of Hovis

Describing yourself as 'high class' obviously wasn't an issue then and I'm wondering if the sign might be datable by the unusual way that the 'o' in Hovis has a small line above it. It's a pity about the graffiti but then I have to say that very few of the ghost signs I've seen seem to have been targetted by spray-painters. Could be that they are too inaccessible or could it be that there is generally a bit of respect there? Nice Sunday morning find though...


Sam Roberts said...

Hey Yelfy,
Are you on Flickr? If so this would be a great addition to the Hovis collection within the Archive. Quite a few of these feature in the latest video montage.

Yelfy said...

Hi Sam
I've just joined Flickr to post the photo but there seems to be a server error stopping me. I've also tried sending you a copy to add yourself, but with the same result. I guess you'll have to wait a bit on this one!
All the best

Sam Roberts said...

What's your Flickr name, I can invite you in?