Thursday, 13 November 2008

T. J. George - Coalhole

T.J. George - BatterseaHaving taken an interest in coalholes, one thing that's become apparent is that many of them seem to have been produced locally by small scale producers and local ironmongers. However I've no idea if this was really the case - for example did these ironmongers really cast their own coalholes as would have been suggested at first glance, or did they actually produce designs that were then sent off to foundries for them to cast enough to fulfil the order, enabling these small-scale businesses to provide 'local coalholes for local people'. The example above is a case in point. I came across this one outside a large (now multiple occupancy) house in Pelham Road Wimbledon. It seems to have been cast by a Battersea Ironmonger called T. J. George, a producer I hadn't come across, even when I'd visited parts of Battersea. As my own perception of an ironmonger is a small shop manned by several blokes in their sixties wearing brown coats, you have to wonder if an operation like that would be up to casting molten iron. Would the returns be worth all the set-up costs? A bit more research is required I think, but for the time being I'd be happy to add T.J. George to my list of coalhole manufacturers


Cam said...

I have just been looking for some history to our coal hole cover which is made by T.J George. We are in Battersea near Northcote Road. Most interested to see your blog, and we will certainly now be keeping the cover as part of our pathway restoration.

Anon said...

iPod may find that the coal hole was make by an iron founder especially for TJ George. H and C Davis were ironmongers of Clapham and their name is on various item of cast iron "road furniture"
Incidentally I have a box wood rule stamped: Sold by TJ George of Battersea.