Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A Couple of Borough 'Ghosts' (and two others!)

Two ghost signs to kick us off then,

Redcross Way, Borough
This is a big advert slapped on a residential development. You might not be surprised to hear that it faces directly on to the railway line for maximum exposure and isn't a sign that's easy to ignore.
Park Street, Borough
You can find this beauty just where the road does a sharp 90 degree bend. The trouble is it looks too authentically French shabby-chic. Part of me thinks it must have been painted for some period drama or something, but then again, in all probability, it is more than likely the real McCoy...

And two others to titillate and amuse...

Bear Gardens
Odd one this. I would guess that at some point a community group or rogue muralist painted the side of a semi-derelict building. Years later a modern building was erected alongside and the mural is now hidden, for the most part, by the car-park. Bits of it still are still visible, though the overall effect is lost... Rose Alley
Stuck down an insignificant dead-end of an alley is this faded 'rose mural'. Was it once a shop or entrance to a Shakespearian museum? No idea, but it's now faded, peeling and pretty much ignored.


TIW said...

The 'Perot' one in Borough has often intrigued me. I'm pretty sure it was painted fairly recently for some film or other - it's also the same location used in 'Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels'.

In Cheshire Street (E2) until recently there was a second-hand clothes shop fronted by a pair of huge and tatty barn-like wooden doors. For some reason "Defense De Stationner" was roughly painted on it. Funnily enough, that was very near another location for 'Lock Stock'. Either the pace was also used for filming or the shop's owner nicked them from France.

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