Monday, 4 February 2008

Figures and Figurines

I thought I might do a generic collection of human figures that sometimes appear on buildings. Not statues of the 'Good and Great', but interesting three-dimensional decoration that sometimes pop up. I struck a rich vein in Putney High Street, but I'm sure there are more out there and I'll add them as I come across them.

Putney High Street
This striking lady can be seen above ground level holding up part of a grand public house near the river. She's not alone though but has a couple of companions in equal states of undress.
Putney Bridge Road & Lower Richmond Road
A cast iron cherub holds up part of a doorway. This property is an old auction house and is currently being gutted to provide a new restaurant. The whole of this shop-front is cast iron and I can only keep my fingers crossed that it will form part of the intended decor.

New Malden High Street
I'm not sure if this is a game of Ring o' Roses or some good friends sharing a hot tub, but whatever it is it's stuck on the front of a small department store in New Malden
Durnsford Road, Wimbledon SW19
This suave fellow gazes down serenely from the top of the Woodman pub. As a bonus you get his faithful hound as well!
The Olde Spotted Horse, Putney High Street
This Putney pub is covered in gargoyles and grotesques, as well as a fine shire horse standing proudly above the door. It's not very clear exactly what this little devil is up to or why he's squatting over a frog. Answers on a postcard...
London Road, Mitcham
This face gazes out from the side of a BT building that I think must have been a telephone exchange. I've a feeling it may be a representation of Mercury, the winged messenger. Very thirties in design and execution but you do have to crane your neck up to get a good look.


Anonymous said...

I've just discovered your blog via and wow it's brilliant. I Love your photos and comments especially in and around Merton. Please check out my faded signs set on Flickr.
Keep up the good work



Yelfy said...

Thanks sarflondondunc. Will certainly have a look at Flickr and looking forward to some interesting photos!