Monday, 8 October 2007

Faded Signs

This collection consists of old signs whose message has long since been ignored or is no longer relevant. Just legible before the last peel of paint crumbles to the floor they are usually on old properties or derelict back streets parking spaces. (to be updated as new old signs are spotted!)

Bedford Hill, Balham This sign was tucked away in a small yard just off the street.
Wimbledon Chase Railway Station SW19 There was obviously a problem with commuters dropping people off in an inconvenient manner. This would have scared them off though!

Morden Road SM4 -GP's car park opposite Morden Hall Park

Pincott Road SW19 No organised games, but presumably disorganised ones are ok...?
Deen City Farm OK, so this one is brand new but it's still an attractive hand-made effort. I'll go back in a couple of years and see how it's fared...

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