Friday, 24 August 2007

A Quick Stop in Garrett Lane SW18

Map reference

I was driving along Penwith Street across Garrett Lane and into Earlsfield Road when I saw a very faded painted sign high up on a wall at the crossroads. I decided to stop and take a quick picture on my way back and was mighty pleased to see an even better wall painting on the way back down Earlsfield Road. After getting a picture of that one I parked near the crossroad to take a snap of the original sign. I was then tempted to take a quick stroll down the road for a few turnings in search of a few more old signs and wasn’t disappointed…

1) Visible only when approaching Garret Lane on Earlsfield Road, this is now on the side of a private residence but I hope they
aren’t tempted to paint over it. Actually I think I’d be tempted to have it restored.

2) This is the very obscure sign at the crossroad that caused me to stop in the first place. It looks as though it says ‘SPQ & …???’ Any idea what it refers to?

3) the plaque above apparently says Erected by
J. Doerr, H. Boulter, Builder, 1885

4)On the corner of Thornset Road, I think this portion of a sign only survived by being covered up for years as the rest of it seems to have been removed. I’m guessing that the shop in question was a Pawn Merchant and General Stores but I wonder where the other branch was?

5) I think this was on Skelbrook Street and a tantalising glimpse of a name. The ghost of a D is on the left followed by an A then what could be a P,B or R, E and N. So it’s DAPEN, DABEN or DRABEN?

6)And finally at Thorndean Street, Sullivans shop front is saved for posterity before a rebuild takes place. Some interesting stuff in only a few streets, and that was ignoring a lot of the architectural features. This is an area definitely worth another visit.


Dub said...

Lovely, take a look along Clapham North, and Tooting sometime.

Anonymous said...

Visually absorbing.
Socially and historically full of interest.

Unknown said...

Hi, on the question of the SPQ sign , it's actually SPO and Dining rooms , the SPO being ,Sauasage , Potato and Onions or Sauasage, Mash and Onions as it was known locally and the sign was put up by my Grandad when they had the shop below back in the 1920's or 30's. My Mum was born in the last room to the right of the sign .

Unknown said...


I've found what you have said most interesting! I'm a keen 'ghost sign' finder and have captured and looked at this sign for years. i don't suppose you have any more information or images of the sign intact?

Many thanks,


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