Thursday, 11 September 2008

Faded London on the Road: Bootscrapers of Totnes and Dartmouth

Some more of my holiday snaps. No, honestly I do normal holiday things as well but it's very difficult to pass by an inviting boot-scraper or a nice bit of mosaic... Take these intriguing examples for instance

Well it all goes down hill from now on. I mean honestly, what a cracker of a boot-scraper... the whole thing is just so aesthetic. I think I'd be a bit ashamed to put mud anywhere near it.
Bit of a comedown, but nevertheless there's probably a nice bit of detail under all that paint.
Getting a bit plain now. The further down the hill you go the less impressive the scrapers. Some sort of social stratification going on here?
Cheerful, alert and lively. A pukka example of a decent Victorian scraper!
A little shy and retiring and not wishing to make a fuss. Nevertheless a scraper who's willing to take the rough with the smooth...
Right at the foot of the hill, just as you hit the market we have a simple, straightforward scraper. No recess, no decoration, no fuss. A real 'Fisherman's Friend'!
The first one I spot coming from the river and heading toward town - full of rubbish and a single, plaintive dandelion.
South Street
This photo was taken at the top of the High Street and is a real value-for-money shot. A boot-scraper, old bollard and an ancient public faucet within a few feet of each other.This is a bit unusual. A recessed arch with a stand-alone scraper. Is it the original? The arch is quite accommodating with no obvious side fitting space, so I'm inclined to think it is. (I never said it was very unusual, did I?)High Street
The next three are all variations on the same theme I think. Or at least they look to me like the same design, despite having aged very differently over the years. First off you can't use this particular scraper these days, even if you wanted to. Silly place to stick a pole... This one seems to have suffered a bit of rust in its time but looks the same design to me.Intact, but well camouflaged ... I wonder what that white thing is to the side?
Proud, visible and intact. Ready to scrape your shoes at the drop of a hat! A nice one to finish on.

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