Friday, 5 September 2008

Derricks of Borough Market

Derricks are small fixed cranes often used for hoisting sacks or crates up to the top floor of a building. Apparently named after a famous hangman they are most often to be found in areas of old warehousing, like that around Borough Market, Southwark. I was up visiting Vinopolis one evening last week and spent a few minutes in the gloom snapping a few pictures. They are quite impressive lumps of iron which has probably helped their retention on the sides of buildings now more often flats than warehouses, but I am slightly suspicious that at least one or two of these beasts have been moved for dramatic effect!

Stoney Street, Southwark
It looks as though thus one would have lifted items up on to the wooden drop-leaf to the right

Clink Street (under the railway bridge)
A bit dark and gloomy this one, and just as I was going to take a photo a white van parks in front of it...
Stoney Street, Southwark
Nice bit of adaptation here by Majestic on what looks like a very solid derrick
Borough Market, Southwark
I can't recall the exact location of this one which is a pity as it is the only one that, if not fully-functioning, at least looks as though it could be used without much effort

Bear Gardens, Southwark
An attractive meccano-like effort, but the building it's on is pretty much gutted, as you can see when you notice a lack of roof through the windows.

Bear Gardens, Southwark
Solid, functional, non-swivelling but sadly a little boring.
Clink Street, Southwark
A good, solid effort this one.
And finally, a 'stray' not from Borough at all

Ravensbury Mill, Morden Road, SM4
From no-where near the Thames comes this final example. This is actually on an old mill on the banks of the Wandle and a good 15 feet in the air. It now sits outside someone's luxury flat but must be useful if you need to get a new piano or something!

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