Friday 3 July 2009

"My Merton"

Thanks to 'My Merton' - the freebie magazine delivered to every home in the borough (whether you want it or not) the 'Faded London' message has been on every residents lips over the last two weeks. Well, maybe every resident is a bit of an exaggeration, but at least a couple of people mentioned that they read it in passing and I'd be fibbing if I claimed that I didn't have the merest frisson as I opened up my personal copy to see those fine Raynes Park chimneys staring back at me.
Normal service will be resumed shortly, but just for tonight I will bask in the reflected glory of the printed word...

1 comment:

Sam Roberts said...

Nice work Yelfy. I see you have a picture of the Townsend & Son sign which would be great to include in the ghostsigns archive. Currently there is only one photo where it is still covered by the billboard before it was removed.