Monday, 23 March 2009

Chalk and Paint

A slight departure from the usual here. Every now and then I come across a hand-painted sign that catches the eye and I can't resist taking a photo. It's unlikely that they'll ever fit neatly into any other category so I thought I'd create a 'special place' I can drop them into whenever a new one pops up.

Clapham Old Town "Anyone lost a skateboard it is at fire-station"
Do people still skateboard these days? If you found one would you bother to leave it at a local fire-station? Would you then take the trouble to chalk up what you'd done on a nearby wall? Well done whoever took the time out to do so...

Surbiton: "CCTV in Operati"
This sign is so close to getting away with it, just an imaginative whisker from pulling it off... Imagine the hotel employee being tasked with painting an authoritative, 'official', warning sign. You start painting and slowly it dawns on you that you can't fit in the last word. What do you do? Most people would progressively shrink the lettering hoping to get away with it but the writer here brazens it out and decides to stop it dead. But a little bit of me thinks it would have been just a little bit more imaginative to have wrapped it around the side of the building...

Tooting: "Not to be used as toilet. You being watched"
You have to feel for the unfortunate residents of flats 331A & B. Desperation sending them out with a pot of white paint and what must be a fairly toothless threat. Would anyone happy to use their alley as a toilet be worried that they might be being watched? And let's face it at night it's probably too dark to read it anyway. Good luck to them though.

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