Tuesday 13 May 2008

Brixton & Stockwell Ghost Signs

These few ghost signs were the result of a quick spin round the Brixton area that comprised of getting the tube to Stockwell, walking down Stockwell Road into Brixton and then up Acre Lane to pick the tube up again at Clapham Common. Lots of interesting bits and pieces which will feature here and there and the heart of Brixton looks promising and worth another trip. These three ghost signs will do for starters though.

Stockwell Road A colourful if slightly basic sign for two publications, the 'Picture Post' and the 'John Bull' magazine. Slightly obscured by some trees but still quite an eye-catcher.

The bottom of the John Bull sign has been removed but you can just see the outlines from a slightly different angle.
Electric Lane I came across this one tucked down a small road off of Electric Avenue in Brixton. Some of the walls also had very faded and flaking text but were covered by white vans so not really readable. Worth checking back on though.
Acre Lane "For all household commodities" Almost gone now, this one is still just about readable.


hywel said...

really like these photos and that fact that you've found so many. You always notice ine or two but didn't realise that there were so many in SW.

I'm currently putting a magazine together and would love to include some of your photos. please get in contact if you think you would be interested.


The Happiness Project London said...

These look great! You should definitely go back to Brixton though, lots including I think a Bovril sign next to the cinema (the Brixton Ritzy).


Anonymous said...

Get on the bus from brixton to oval, top deck, and you'll see ''for your throat's sake smoke....''

Sam Roberts (Ghostsigns) said...

A bit ore about John Bull (esp. comments) and Picture Post.